Creative Website Design and Development

Your website is the hub of all your online marketing endeavors. Unlike social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, your website is one of the few pieces in the digital life of your business that is under your complete control. It is an online property you actually OWN.

Knowing your business website is an invaluable asset, you must make sure that each facet of your website design is, as we like to term it, an “impactible” for your business... a tool that increases your chances of making an impact on the lives of your customers which in turn will make an impact on your bottom line.

Here are some of the key features Impactible focuses on for each website project we build...

Engaging Website Design

Customers start sizing up a business as soon as they see the storefront. They examine the signage, the condition of the exterior, the cleanliness of the windows. Inside, they expect to find an atmosphere they feel confident shopping in.  They want to see a store layout that is easy to navigate. Bottom line…they want to know if this an establishment they can enjoy doing business with? And more importantly, is this a company they can trust?

In today’s digital world, your website serves exactly the same purpose. When visitors come to your site, is it obvious what kind of business they are dealing with? Is the website design modern and eye-catching? Does it appear dated and dusty, or fresh and clean? Is it easy for them to navigate their way through your site? Is it easy to interact with the tools and features they find there?

At Impactible, we make sure every site we build meets all of these criteria. We are experts at making sure your website reflects a design consistent with your company’s branding, is simple and easy to navigate, and helps build that trust that will keep your customers coming back to your site again and again, and loving it each time.

SEO friendly website design that technically supports Search Engine Optimization efforts
SEO friendly website design that technically supports Search Engine Optimization efforts

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

What good is a modern, clean and classy place of business that no one knows exists? A company can spend tens of thousands of dollars making their store absolutely perfect, but if customers don’t know where to find it, then all of that effort is a waste!

Again, the same is true with your website. If the website design is not search engine friendly, then search engines will have a difficult time finding and ranking the site. And if the search engines can’t rank and display your site in their search result pages, it will make it that much more difficult for customers to find your business online as well.

We build every website on a platform that makes it easy for search engines to digest the information on your site, and easy for you to custom-tailor the information search engines display for each page of your site.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Many recent studies, including this report by, show that 52% of all internet traffic worldwide in 2018 came from mobile phones. Notice, this does not include traffic that was generated from any other mobile devices, such as tablets. This means that the total mobile traffic percentage in 2018 was likely even higher than reported.

The truth is, the more your potential customers access the web through mobile devices, the more important it is to make sure that your website design is mobile friendly. The more it should be ready to meet the demands of the mobile internet age. Remember, nothing says outdated and unprofessional more than a website that can only be viewed on a phone by pinching and zooming in so you can clumsily attempt to navigate through the site.

Don’t let that be your website. Let Impactible design a site for you that will serve ALL of your customers, whether they come to your site via desktop OR mobile.

Expert and secure website management to keep your site in tip-top-shape
Expert and secure website management to keep your site in tip-top-shape

Expert Management

Continuing the metaphor of a physical place of business, keeping customers happy and coming back requires regular management of the facilities. The utilities have to be functional and work correctly, and the premises have to be cleaned and maintained.  A top notch security system is needs to be in place to keep the store’s goods and customers safe. Inventory and displays have to be kept up and the registers have to work efficiently.

It is no different with your website. It requires regular management as well. The software driving your site needs to be regularly updated. Security measures need to be in place to protect your site from malware. Regular checks are needed to make sure your site is performing well. Additionally, you may need change page content from time to time to keep things fresh and appealing to customers.

Whether or not Impactible builds your site, we offer plans for ongoing management to keep your site secure and functional. Learn more about our website management services, and choose a plan that fits your needs and your budget.